About me

Artist statement

The empty surface and I start a conversation. A thought, a feeling or a message turn into an impulsive flow, where I work with color and texture. Lines, structures, colors, are applied and removed. Piece by piece the story unfolds. When I and the artwork have nothing more to say to each other, we agree to end our joint journey. Instead, my artwork turns to you as a viewer, with the promise of a new conversation. If you connect, the story takes off again, adding new depths to the existing framework. My art wants to awaken thoughts, feelings, inspiration, and strength. Each story is unique. Each artwork is unique. Each viewer is unique. Welcome to be a part of the story!

When colors talk

I am a Swedish visual artist, originally from Skåne, but currently living in Östergötland. My interest in traveling has, in addition to shorter visits in several countries, also made me stay a bit longer in Australia, India, Thailand, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kuwait, and Finland. I see my whole life as a journey and am constantly on my way to somewhere new. Anything in my surrounding may inspire me and my artistic expression. Nature, a meeting, an animal, a gadget, a conversation, a color, a view, a scent, a book, a song, a word. Everything has a story to tell. My job is to carefully listen and convey the story visually.

Everything stopped.

Every choice I make leads me forward and shapes my own unique life story. After several temporary jobs within the care sector, caring for the elderly and for challenged youth, my great interest in art led me to go to art school for two years, but since I didn’t believe that I would be able to work full time with my art, I continued to university for several years. As a social anthropologist, I started my career as a project manager within the international development sector. After that, I got married and had two kids, and I continued my career as a document coordinator within the private industry sector. I’ve enjoyed every job opportunity I have had. Whatever I work with, it’s basically about meeting people who all have their individual dreams and their unique life stories. And every single person adds its own color mix to the world.

As a full-time working mother of two, everyday life became very stressful. I felt like I never caught up. I didn’t have any time left for myself and I stopped doing my art. In combination with overload at work and health issues, I eventually broke down. Everything stopped. My body and soul were completely exhausted. I felt totally useless and unsuccessful as a human being. A year later, the doctors discovered that my thyroid was disfunctional. With surgery and medication I started to feel a bit better. Another year later it was discovered that I had breast cancer, followed by surgery and treatment.

For as long as I live I will let the colors talk through me.

A long time passed before I felt like I could breathe again. I realized that if I wanted to continue living, I needed to find my way back to what is important to my soul. I fousigned up for the basic course in Vedic Art and that was exactly what I needed. Vedic Art is a method for artistic and personal development, based on 17 principles, prepared by the founder Curt Källman. Through Vedic Arts’ focus on demandlessness, I again dared to indulge in art, which gave me back the joy of life, along with the insight that I cannot live a happy and balanced life without my creative expression. Since then, I have attended the continuation course in Vedic Art and also educated myself as a Vedic Art teacher, so that I may offer others the same opportunity that I got, to experience their inner creativity and joy.

To me, art is my source of life. And for as long as I live I will let the colors talk through me.